Thursday, October 17, 2013


Pictured here is "Winfield Hall", occupied by Richard Samuel Reynolds at the time the photograph was taken. 
   "In an age of high-tech and high-rise, the mansion stands patiently waiting for a new visionary to take control and once again breathe life into its opulent interiors. Ran Development Group, along with Denise Carey, a registered architect herself, can put together a design/build package to restore the mansion to its former glory and fast forward this incredible home into the 21st Century."

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  1. Islander: If you want the property you get the development group and are also stuck with a Carey (current owners) throughout the entire process? Hopefully someone will rescue this building from its present state, but I cannot believe they are marketing it with potential helicopter accessiblity, ha ha, cant wait for the Nimbys to get wind of that.

  2. The Mrs is an architect?!

  3. looks incredibly well maintained for the time, deep into the depression