Monday, March 10, 2014

Howard E. Wurlitzer Residence, Cincinnati, Ohio

Howard E. Wurlitzer Residence
    Howard E. Wurlitzer(Rudolph Wurlitzer Company) commissioned Architect Leonard B. Willeke in 1913 to build this Walnut Hills neighborhood residence. The Wurlitzer mansion, reminiscent of an Italian country villa, features a grand loggia overlooking the Ohio River. The exterior finish is stucco over hollow tile with inset decorative terra cotta plaques and grilles. The columns of the entrance and loggia are made of stone and have modeled terra cotta capitals. The service entrance is screened with an elegant terra cotta grille that is repeated in the garden wall.

   The first floor was planned to accommodate large-scale entertaining. There is a grand living room, a dining room, Mr. Wurlitzer's office, a billiard room, and two porches. Another living room is located on the second floor, as well as four main bedrooms, two rooms for maids, a sewing room, and a small study. The third floor, designed as an integral portion of the residence, features a living room, a bedroom, a study, a conservatory, a maid's room, and large terrace along the river side and around one end. The three floors, served both by the main staircase and an elevator, were intended to meet the divergent needs of an extended family.

After the death of Howard in 1928 the property was subdivided and a privacy wall was added.
   wikimapia LOCATIONBING. Click HERE for more on Howard Eugene Wurlitzer and the Wurlitzer family.

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