Wednesday, July 30, 2014

OFFERED AT $1,250,000 "Rose Terrace" The Grossc Pointe Farms Residence of the Late Mrs. Horace E. Dodge

  The house was heated with oil boilers then thru a forced air system. There were grills in the floor underneath just about all the 42, French windows 14 foot high on the first floor. (The ceilings on the 1st floor were 18 feet high). There were no return grills in the house. Outside air was drawn in from grills outside near the South terrace and forced over steam radiators in the furnace room then sent to all the rooms. The positive pressure in the house forced the air up the 15 fireplaces to give a nice fire. Air was also forced out cracks or any openings in the windows to prevent cold air from coming in. One could stand near any of the windows and there would not be a draft. The house was not air conditioned. There was a 10,000 gallon oil tank under the front lawn to feed the furnace.

   When Hollywood wanted to film the Great Gatsby in 1974, they wanted to use Rose Terrace in the movie. At that time, the bank was still in control and denied the use of it. Hollywood then used "Rosecliff" in Newport, RI for the ballroom scene.

   The Developer who bought Rose Terrace wanted to make Condominiums out of it and add a few more buildings on the property. After a couple of years, economic conditions were not right and also not taking care of the building, (low or no heat, etc). the roof and walls leaked, and streaked the ceilings and walls, it was then decided to develop the property as single family homes. "Rose Terrace"  was demolished in 1976.


  1. Such a waste. The senseless destruction we allow to happen to our heritage in this country is mind numbing.

  2. I believe the estate, mansion and furnishings were offered to the Detroit Art Museum on numerous occasions by Mrs Dodge and later after her death by the family but because they refused to provide an endowment to maintain the property the museum did not want the offer. Any truth to that?

  3. Mrs Dodge did offer the Estate and furnishings to the City of Detroit along with an endowment of 2 million dollars. The city wanted
    10 million dollars but she refused their request. The Estate was not offered by the family. After her death, it was included in her
    total Estate and had to be sold.

  4. Why was the Estate not offered by the family after Ann Dodge Death, and had she had a will?

  5. What was Ann Dodge total estate worth before her death, and why didn't Grosse Pointe City and Grosse Pointe Farms work out zoning arrangement for Ms. Ann Dodge, since she had the house built in 1935, was she ever aware of the 8.8 acres property in both cities?