Thursday, December 8, 2011

Manhattan Townhouse of John M. Carrere

Townhouse of Architect John Merven Carrere

Entrance Hall
Library, View Toward Entrance Hall
Library, View Toward Dining Room
Dining Room
Gallery Floor, Reception Room
Gallery Floor, View From Billiard Room
Entrance Floor Plan
Gallery  Floor Plan
Townhouse no longer stands. It stood at 101 East 65TH Street, corner of Park Avenue  and 65TH. Have not found exterior photo. The building originally was an old-style, high stooped, twenty-foot brownstone. It was changed to a private carriage house. It was bought by Mr. Carrere and remodeled into his city residence.  Architects were Carrere and partner Thomas Hastings. By the look of the floor plans facade projected a elegant front with its curved indent to the 1903 neighborhood.   Carrere's summer home "Red Oaks".

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  1. I am writing the first book from the American point of view about 19th century rotunda panoramas.These were the biggest paintings in the world, 50 x 400=20,000 square feet, housed in their own rotundas which were 16-sided polygons. Chicago in 1893 had 6 panorama companies and 6 panorama rotundas. I seek information about Carrere's design of rotunda panoramas. Carrere is documented in the F.W.Heine diaries (1879-1921), which are being transcribed in German, translated to English and scanned to computer. The Heine diaries are in the care of Milwaukee County Historical Society, and are being transcribed by Michael Kutzer.