Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fulton Theatre

The Fulton Theatre was a Broadway Theatre located at 210 West 46th Street in New York that was opened in 1911. It was re-named the Helen Hayes Theatre in 1955. The theatre was demolished in 1982.

Polychrome Treatment of Terra Cotta, Fulton Theatre, New York City
Henry B. Herts and Hugh Tallant, Architects

The Fulton Theatre, New York City
Henry B. Herts and Hugh Tallant, Architects 

"Harmony and richness are well exemplified in the treatment of this building. The material used was terra cotta throughout excepting the painted panel under cornice which is in colored cement, and the reveals of arched doorways which are in highly colored glass Mosaic. Diaper pattern of walls is developed in deep amber yellow and ivory with blue spots at the intersections of lattice, this blue being recalled in the brackets, soffit and fret ornament of the cornice. The design illustrates splendidly a consistent use of material in a color scheme of the most positive character." National Terra Cotta Society   


  1. Back when people were playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I used to Hayes to link Bacon with John Wilkes Booth. Now that was a night to remember!

  2. I wish I could get a door like this. All the doors now look modern. I want a classy retro door.