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Miss Elanor Barry

 Mrs. Marshall Field Will Open Her Lloyd's Neck Estate to Aid Biological Society.

July 15, 1932

Special to The New York Times. HUNTINGTON, L. I., July 14.—Mrs. Marshall Field, who has opened the grounds and gardens of "Caumsett", her Summer home at Lloyd's Neck, near Huntington, several times this Summer for charity, will entertain on Saturday night with a large dinner and country circus for the benefit of the Long Island Biological Society. Miss Eleanor Barry, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Barry of "Barrymead", Llewellyn Parks in the Oranges, N. J.; Miss Neysa McMein and Mrs. J. Henry Alexandre are assisting with arrangements.

About 600 members of North Shore society as well as their guests from Westchester and New York will have dinner on the terrace before the entertainment. The tables will be spread on the green overlooking the harbor, the largest of which will seat about fifty guests of Mr. and Mrs. Field. Mr. Field and William Rhinelander Stewart will be head waiters in the terrace dining garden. Mr. and Mrs. Field will have at their table the following guests;

George Gershwin, Harrison Williams, Mrs. Huntington Marshall, Mrs. Payne Whitney, Fred Astaire, Mrs. Ogden Mills, Mrs. Geraldyn L. Redmond, Conde Nast, Mrs. Baldwin Preston, Mrs. Baldwin Browne, Miss Eleanor Barry, Mrs. Clifford Rodman, William Rhinelander Stewart, Captain Head, Jack Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Lefty Flynn, Mr. and Mrs. Courtlandt Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Astor, Mr. and Mrs. Fulton Cutting. Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Norman, Mr. and Mrs. McCulloch Miller, Mr. and Mrs. James Warburg and Mr. and Mrs. Averell Clarke.

Hostesses at other tables will be:

Mrs. Parker Corning, Mrs. Robert Livingston Clarkson, Mrs. J. Henry Alexandre, Mrs. William Randolph Hearst, Mrs. Walter Jennings, Mrs. Franklin B. Lord, Mrs. Charles G. Cushing, Mrs. Henry Rogers Winthrop. Mrs. Henry C. Taylor. Mrs. Paul L. Hammond, Mrs. Richard F. Hoyt. Mrs. Junius   Spencer  Morgan,   Mrs. J. Gordon Douglas, Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Miss McMein, Mrs Woodward Babcock, Mrs. Harold Irving Pratt. Mrs. Herbert Lee Pratt, Mrs. Beekmsn Hoppin, Mrs. Robert Livingston Stevens and Mrs. Robert C. Winmill.

Click HERE to see the invitation to this party. HERE to see the first announcement from a July 11th special to the New York Times. 

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