Friday, November 25, 2022

Case #244

Old New England family. Prominent social and financial connections. Brilliant student. Groton four years. Harvard 1919-22. Won letter in two major sports. Substitute for No- 6 on crew. Socially inclined, but made no club. Humiliation fostered moody state of mind. After graduation, one year of big game hunting and exploration, Africa and Tibet. On return to U. S. offered position with well known bank. Capable but made no friends. Resignation accepted after one year. Tried one thing after another. Perceptible discouragement for apparent failure. Selling bonds (1925) . . .

Now (1927)Vice-President of growing Eastern bank. Happily married and residing in New York City because.........


Nothing exceeds halitosis (unpleasant breath) as a social offense. Nothing equals Listerine as a remedy 

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