Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Garden of Mrs. Meredith Hare at "Pidgeon Hill"

The Garden of Mrs. Meredith Hare at "Pidgeon Hill", HUNTINGTON, L. I.

Its air of repose and delightful quaintness reminiscent of bygone years make it an ideal letting for the folk of Du Maurier's day who seem here perfectly at home. Through the courtesy of Mrs. Hare and her warm-hearted interest in stricken people everywhere, Peter Ibbetson was recently played in the garden by the Paramount Pictures under the auspices of the Film Mutual Benefit Bureau(supplied companies with production locations for the benefit of nonprofits) to aid the work of the American Committee for Devastated France.

Click HERE for more on "Pidgeon Hill".

The house and garden no longer survive. Click HERE to see where house and garden stood.


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