Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Rosemary Farm" Conservatory

A Conservatory Living Room Moderate In Cost -  ***Clipped from a Lord & Burnham ad***

This delightful conservatory  of R. R. Conklyn's(sic), at Huntington, L. I., may hold a welcome suggestion. 

Another glimpse to better show the so-called "under cover" portion. 

CONSERVATORIES are generally designed with special features to meet the personal idea of their owners. Seldom is consideration given to the fact that we have certain very attractive standard designs that when adaptable to the position, can be used at a decided saving. 

Take this half span one illustrated; the standard sizes are 9 feet and 12 feet and  6 inches wide.   In length 6, 25, 33, 41 and 50 feet. Let us know which one fits your needs, and we will promptly advise its approximate cost. The frame with its pleasing architectural lines, will be entirely of iron and cypress. Everything is cut, fitted and given a coat of paint at the factory before shipmcnt. Its erection speed will be a surprise to you. Having three factories, your conservatory would be shipped from the one securing to you the most favorable freight rates. Our Catalogue No. 309 you are welcome to.  A representative will call on request.

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