Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Secrets of the Manor House

 "A fascinating glimpse of life behind the velvet curtains, SECRETS OF THE MANOR HOUSE goes inside the great homes of Edwardian England, recently brought to life on PBS’ MASTERPIECE(Downton Abbey). One hundred years ago the British manor house was in its heyday, sheltering families of enormous wealth and privilege within its stately walls. But what was really going on behind closed doors, where these wealthy families and their poor servants coexisted? Shot on location at some of Britain’s finest estates and country houses and featuring interviews with contemporary masters and the servants, SECRETS OF THE MANOR HOUSE reveals that life in the manor house was a world unchanged for almost a thousand years. By the time the 20th century entered its second decade, mounting financial, political and social pressures would alter the world of the Edwardian aristocrat forever." PBS

Click link to watch  - Secrets of the Manor House 

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  1. I missed this when it first aired back in January. Luckily my local PBS station is running it this week. If your station isn't or you want to watch again see the entire program at PBS' website using above link. Insightful in regards to LIGC because of the way the Gold Coasters' patterned they lifestyles after the aristocratic Edwardian's.