Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Stately Homes of a Five-and-Dime Store Founder - "Winfield Hall"

Stately houses once owned by Frank Winfield Woolworth, like the one in Glen Cove, N.Y., and others in Manhattan, exist today in various states of grace.

LINK to New York Times article on "Winfield Hall". Click HERE for all past post on "Winfield Hall" including rare photos of the second floor bedrooms in post titled "The Age of Light".


  1. Please. Don't get me started. Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Carey are to be pitied, as clearly there is more than a touch of madness and delusion in how they view their stewardship of their properties. But I live in close proximity to Winfield and the tangle wild mess of the property,the trash accumulating at its verges, the abandoned cars and falling trees has created an eyesore that affects his neighbors, as oblivious as he and his equally clueless family may be to it all.

  2. Nice to see the Times article focus on the current state of the Woolworth residential properties, especially Winfield Hall. FW Woolworth has left an immense architectural legacy from his NYC townhouses to his fairly well known and brilliant gothic skyscraper in New York to the countless five and dime stores throughout the U.S., many of which are landmarks themselves.

    Unfortunately his lavish marble mansion in Glen Cove has fallen into disrepair and one can only hope it survives it's current owner and finds a renewed purpose in the not to distant future.