Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"WHEATLY" at Old Westbury A Notable North Shore Estate now divided

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  "WHEATLY" at Old Westbury A Notable North Shore Estate now divided on an acreage basis into a new and extremely picturesque exclusive home colony, virtually surrounded by large private country places ranking among the finest on Long Island, convenient to the fashionable sporting clubs, and quickly accessible from New York over the superb parkway system and the new highway***?*** which will remain as permanent improvements resulting from the World's Fair. A few highly attractive and desirable sites--the unshaded portions of the map--are still available. Full cooperation with brokers.

                                  May we send you details? 

             Kenneth Ives & Co. 17 East 42nd Street New York

 Click HERE for more on "Wheatly".


 Note the "E" in Wheatley. Visit the wikimapia site HERE to view the area surrounding "Wheatly". HERE for the Historic Aerials site from 1966. BING. I can't decipher the exact location of these plots or if they ever sold as is. 

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