Friday, February 8, 2013

BOSTON GUESTS AT THE BALL. Costumes Which Some of the Principals Will Wear.

Costumes Which  Some of the Principals Will Wear. The New York Times - February 8, 1897

BOSTON, Mass., Feb. 8.~-Many rich Bostonians will attend the Bradley Martin ball in hired costumes. Invitations have been most plentifully showered on modern Athenians. Dozens of them are floating around on the upper crust of society, and not a few have found their way to people who are not especially well known from a social or any other point of view. They are mostly people with New York connections, who have a "pull", or men at Harvard, who, through an acquaintance with young Bradley Martin or some fortuitous circumstance of college life, have been honored with a card.

The leading costumers have been besieged by the holders, and hired suits are at a premium. Not a few of the social swells will appear in clothes that have been worn upon the stage by actors of greater or less repute. Besides, some very elegant costumes are being fashioned especially for the occasion. Among the most resplendent figures at the ball will be John Thayer, who will go as Henry VIII., accompanied by his six wives. This character was represented by Mr. Thayer at the artists' festival several years ago. His costume will cost $500, exclusive of diamonds and other magnificent jewels.

Lawrence Houghton of Brookline will wear a Venetian fur-trimmed dress of dark-green velvet, with brocaded satin sleeves.

G. X. McLanahan of Harvard will wear an Elizabethan dress of black velvet and silk. 
It is said that Mrs. Jack  Gardner, Boston's social leader, will go as the Princess of Night, in black net over-silk, accordion-plaited skirt; edged-around the bottom with gold and silver spangles and iridescent soutache, the bodice of the same material, trimmed to match.

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