Monday, January 27, 2014

THE MUSIC ROOM In the home of Reginald de Koven, New York

From the water color by Percival T. Hildesley. 

   To build a Gothic house in the heart of what will one day be New York's Champs Elysee and to preserve a harmonious spirit throughout is an achievement.   The de Koven house on Park Avenue successfully embodies the best features of the best types of sixteenth century houses, and the finest of these features is the music-room which is purely Elizabethan in character and treatment. The approach up one short flight of stairs from the severely formal entrance-hall adds to the dignity of the room. One of the most interesting and true to type details is the musician's or minstrel's gallery facing the very fine mantel at the opposite end of the room. Several splendid tapestries and windows of medieval stained glass are in keeping. The modeled ceiling was the result of much consideration on the part of John Russell Pope, the architect, who has so successfully transplanted a bit of Tudor England to this country.

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